Houghton Winery Vintage in the Vines

Saturday 15th March: Step back in time…with a stunning display of classic Vintage motors set amongst the beautiful surrounds of the majestic Norfolk pines and historic buildings.
Bring along the kids and watch them enjoy playing games from days gone by. The Houghton cafe will be hosting an “Historic Playground” where old-fashioned favourites like knucklebones, drop the hankie, marbles, elastics, sack races, hopscotch and blackboards will be available for the little ones to play and be entertained.
Car display – 10am – 3pm
Historic Playground – 11am – 3pm

Sunday 16th March: Vintage Vibes in the Vines…nothing says relax like a Sunday so book a table, select your wines and relax, looking out over the rows of vines and stunning gardens whilst tapping along to cool live Vintage inspired tunes.
Music playing 11am – 3pm

Cafe bookings strongly advised both days

Houghton Cafe
Phone: 9274 9543
Email [email protected]
Cellar Door
Phone: 9274 9540
Email [email protected]

Houghton Winery
148 Dale Road, Middle Swan

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